The QWAN: A Token Shaping the Global Gaming Industry

• The QWAN Launch is a token for the global gaming industry, launching on the Ethereum blockchain with the support of key Web3 leaders.
• The QWAN is designed to shape gaming as we know it today by creating a decentralized economy for all gamers globally.
• It works as a shared currency, encouraging gamers to discover rewards and have a say in the governance of the gaming ecosystem.

The QWAN Launch

The QWAN Launch is an upcoming token launch that will shape gaming as we know it today. Developed with the support of key Web3 leaders, it will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain on May 31st. The QWAN aims to create a decentralized economy for all gamers globally and works as a shared currency to facilitate transactions between gaming platforms and services across ecosystems.

What Is The QWAN?

The QWAN is a native token for gaming platforms and an expanding ecosystem of related services, hubs, and communities. With its decentralized community-led governance model supported by The QWAN Foundation, users can access various opportunities to earn, trade, own their digital assets, and have a say in decision making processes within their day-to-day gaming experience. Third parties can integrate The QWAN as an open and permissionless digital token, increasing its appeal across applications or platforms.

Benefits Of Using The QWAN Token

By using theQ WAN token in their day-to-day gaming activities, gamers can benefit from incentives such as rewards for their engagement in various experiences across different ecosystems as well as increased ownership over their digital assets. Additionally, they are able to participate in decision making processes regarding the governance of the entire gaming ecosystem through community voting initiatives on certain issues or matters concerning them or other stakeholders within this space.

Supporting Organizations

The launch of this new token is supported by both The QWan Foundation as well Banger which has been onboarded into TheQ WAn Ecosystem as its first major platform partner. This agreement allows Banger’s users to use this native token when engaging with various aspects of its service such as payments or transactions with other players within its network whenever necessary without having to resort to external payment methods such those from traditional banking institutions or any other third party entities not related directly with this partnership agreement between these organizations mentioned above at any given moment in time while interacting with each other digitally across different environments where applicable when required under specific circumstances according conditions laid out beforehand by both organizations involved beforehand when accepting said terms prior usage were applicable beforehand accordingly whenever necessary .


With its innovative approach towards enabling an efficient decentralized economy for all gamers globally utilizing smart contracts technology running on top of Ethereum blockchain infrastructure ,theQ WAn Token provides unprecedented opportunities for stakeholders involved (including but not limited too game developers ,publishers ,players & investors) that should be taken into consideration when deciding how best utilize this groundbreaking technology moving forward into future marketplaces where applicable under specific circumstances provided aforementioned conditions remain valid accordingly while utilizing said technology whenever needed .