Phishing Scammers Strike Again: Fake ETH Denver Site Detected

• Phishing scammers have created a fake website of the upcoming ETH Denver conference in an attempt to scam users out of their crypto.
• The fake website was detected by crypto security firm Blockfence.
• Blockfence has urged users to be vigilant and aware of such potential scams.

Fake ETH Denver Website

Phishing scammers have recently created a fake website of the anticipated event ETH Denver, in an attempt to trick victims out of their crypto. This year, ETH Denver will take place between February 24th and March 5th, making it a prime target for hackers since conferences often attract newcomers who are unaware of the dangers within the industry.

Detection By Blockfence

The threat was detected by crypto security firm Blockfence, who warned users about the danger posed by such scams and reminded them to be vigilant when dealing with online activity related to cryptocurrency.

Fighting Scammers Together

Blockfence also stated that they are here to protect users and fight scammers together: Their ML algorithm marked the scam contract as “high risk”, while they partner with GoplusSecurity in this matter too.

Be Alert And Vigilant

It is important for users to remember that there will always be malicious people trying to exploit their naivety or lack of experience when it comes to cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Therefore, it is important for everyone involved in this space to remain alert and vigilant at all times in order to protect themselves from potential threats like these phishing attacks.


Hackers will continue trying new techniques in order to scam people out of their cryptocurrencies or other digital assets. It is up to us as individuals or organizations operating within this space, however, to remain aware and prepared for such scenarios so that we can prevent ourselves from becoming victims of these types of scams.